Angry-Honey-BeeWhile children enjoy their hot apple ciders on crisp fall days, adults have ciders they enjoy on hot summer days. What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked. While both beverages are composed of crushed fruits, ordinarily the apple, hard cider is fermented so it is carbonated and alcoholic (the best aspect). Ciders vary from taste to color, and we’ve found a few standouts that you’ll regret not trying this summer.

Angry Orchard Summer Honey

If you’re looking for something a little sweet, this is it. This golden beverage is the perfect combination of raw apple with tangy orange blossom honey. It may be too sweet for some, but we trust that anything with the word ‘summer’ in the title has to be good.

Ciderboys Raspberry Smash

This seasonal hit does everything right when it comes to fruitful pairings. It’s crisp tart finish is exactly what you need when your weather app says it’s a little too warm for comfort.

JK’s Scrumpy Northern Neighbor: Saskatoon Cuvee

While this cider is filled with fresh red fruits like cherry and the saskatoon prairie apple, it’s vanilla finish and deep coloring is what makes it different than the rest.

Original Sin Apple Cider

For those interested in a refreshing drink that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, it doesn’t get much better than award winning cider Original Sin. Brewed in small batches with all natural ingredients, this beverage is “devilishly” delicious.