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The holiday season means a couple things. Firstly, it means you’ll be eating. A lot. Secondly, it means you’ll be spending some QT with your family, whether you like it or not. And thirdly, it means you’ll be (in)voluntarily listening to endless hours of Christmas music. Well, here at DIA, we take advantage of any moment that comes our way.

Alas, behold our favorite Christmas Song Drinking Games.

1. The Twelve Songs Of Christmas

If you haven’t already figured out this game from its oh-so-mysterious title, this one involves a playlist of 12 of your favorite Christmas songs, but also 12 pre-poured shots of the liquor of your choice.

The rules are simple; put on the playlist and take a shot when the song changes. If you question your ability to hang, feel free to pour half-shots, or make mixed shots.

2. Christmas Pop (Bottles)

This game is meant to last the whole night, so make sure that everyone involved is in it for the long haul. Follow the rules, and it’s sure to create a magical evening.

What you’ll need:

-access to Spotify’s Christmas Pop playlist.
-a variety of alcohols, including beer, champagne, vodka, rum, and tequila

Put the playlist on shuffle and…

-Drink every time the song changes
-Chug every time an a cappella group covers a Christmas classic
-Take a shot of champagne when Mariah Carey comes on
-Shotgun a beer when *NSYNC comes back from the dead
-Take a shot of vodka when Justin Bieber plays
-Take a shot of tequila when Ariana Grande arrives to serenade your eardrums
-Take a shot of rum when Clay Aiken’s song comes on
-Finish your drink every time Michael Bublé emerges from his cave to sing a Christmas song

If you don’t stop the music, this wonderful game  should last for just under four hours. God speed.

3. Pass the Carol

This game will put your vocals to the test. Get your buddies together in a circle and put a bottle of liquor (your choice) in the middle of the circle. Pick someone to start the game. S/he will sing a line from a well known Christmas Carol, and then the next person will continue the song by singing the next line. And so on and so forth. However, in the event that someone messes up, they must take a shot, and begin a new carol. The game only gets better as it progresses.

So spread Christmas cheer through song and drink, because after, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?