Exactly one month from today, our whole world will be covered in pink and fall under the spell of Cupid. Most of you refer to it as Valentine’s Day, some Singles Awareness Day. No matter your relationship status there’s one thing all of us can do: drink.


In true VDay preparation fashion, breweries and brands have started to put their specialty releases out on shelves. Chocolate beer says, “I love you,” right? Here are a few that have already jumped the gun on the holiday.


Woodchuck Chocolate

That’s right a chocolate cider. The newest member of their Cellar Series, Chocolate is a small-batch recipe aged with crushed cocoa beans blended with their classic apple cider. The 6.9% ABV cider will be available through the month of February at $4.99 for a 22 oz. bottle. Pick a bottle up for your loved one (or yourself) if you’re not feeling a beer on Valentine’s Day.


Rogue Chocolate and Double Chocolate Stouts

For several years, Rogue has been putting out their Chocolate Stout right in time for the “holiday” season. The beer is a blend of Rogue’s Oatmeal Stout, chocolate malts and real chocolate and clocks in at 6%. As if that wasn’t chocolately enough, they then amped up the recipe to create their Double Chocolate Stout which adds extra malts and chocolate for a 9% ABV. Both limited releases will be on shelves through February.


Boulevard Brewing Chocolate Ale

After a yearlong hiatus due to production problems, Boulevard’s chocolately brew will hit shelves right in time for Valentine’s Day. Brewed in partnership with a pastry chef, Chocolate Ale is brewed with rich malts and chocolate straight from the Dominican Republic. Cases and kegs of Chocolate Ale will hit shelves right in time for February 14. It’s been a whole year in the making, grab a bottle.


Married, dating or single, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a chocolate beverage. What’s your favorite chocolate beer or cider?