We all need a little extra something to keep us cozy during the winter season. Between the mountains of holiday cookies, thanksgiving leftovers, eggnog, and these chocolate stouts, it is easy to imagine how a few extra pounds could be added to the litter. Although chocolate may hit a soft spot, stouts and the chills of winter are not for the weak. Have these three sturdy stouts on your grocery list for the next winter storm that may keep you captive, as it is the only proven cure to cabin fever.

New Belgium’s collaboration with Perennial Artisian Ales has created a whole new entity of it’s own, Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout. The beer brings “together chocolate sweetness, Belgian yeast, deeply roasted malts and just the right shake of salt to pour a creamy stout worthy of a cherry on top.”

Paired perfectly with either beef or dessert, Rougue’s Chocolate Stout is “ebony in color with a rich creamy head. An earthy flavor of oats and hops that gives way to a rich chocolate truffle finish.”

And last but not least, we have Harpoon’s Chocolate Stout, which is “brewed with an abundance of chocolate malt and a touch of chocolate.”