giphyIt seems like every day there is a new national holiday. Even if today isn’t “officially” National Chocolate Day, we’re celebrating with some chocolate libations anyways.

Chocolate Shake (with a twist): This recipe combines chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and alcohol, AKA heaven on earth. Shakes aren’t just for kids!

Chili-Spiced Hot Chocolate: In the words of Jon Snow, “winter is coming.” Battle the cold with this spiced hot chocolate. With a shot of spiced rum and a tiny pinch of chili flakes, there is no doubt that this cocktail will warm you right up.

After Eight Cocktail: Sometimes you just crave an ice cold glass of chocolate milk after dinner. Adding a shot of peppermint schnapps to a glass of choco-milk is the easiest way to make a spiked chocolate dessert. And not to mention it’s also insanely delicious.

White Chocolatini: For the fancier chocolate lover, this sweet martini is just as beautiful as it is delicious. With vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur and cream, this white drink adds class and sophistication to the chocolate world (and it tastes unreal).

Bounty Cocktail: So we’ve already listed a bunch of chocolate cocktails that are perfect for the winter season, but what about the summer? This is a chocolate drink with a tropical twist. Malibu coconut rum, honey and chocolate milk are shaken together over ice to create a delicious summery drink.

Happy Chocolate Day!

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