Mozart chocolate liqueur

Austria’s most famous cream liqueur brand, Mozart, is adding a super premium chocolate flavor to their collection: Mozart R.G. Chocolate Cream.


R.G. Chocolate Cream blends Belgian chocolate, cocoa from Ghana, vanilla from Madagascar, fresh cream and cocoa butter. The chocolate concoction is then aged in bourbon oak casks for a minimum of six months. Sounds like boozy chocolate heaven in a bottle to us. The premium flavor joins Mozart’s collection that includes Gold Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate Cream, Black Dark Chocolate and Dry Chocolate.


So why does this matter to any of us on this side of the world? Not only is Mozart releasing their new R.G. Chocolate Cream liqueur, they’re also bringing it to the U.S. Rumor has it, the cream liqueur will start showing up at the end of this year so be on the look out. We can’t help but imagine how delicious this would be for dessert.