Today marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and the 15-day celebration of the year of the Horse. Though obviously extremely popular in China, the Chinese New Year is becoming a big deal in countries like the United States as well. Why? It’s just a fun time to celebrate the new year and to enjoy feasting, family, and friends. That is a holiday we can certainly get behind. Whether the Chinese New Year is something you’ve always celebrated, or you’re just learning about it now, here are some festive cocktails to help you get the party started:




This recipe from the Time Out Kuala Lumpur blog is definitely a recipe to share with your friends. It’s also a really interesting combination of sweet and sour flavors that’s served with traditional Chinese bowls and spoons.


Mix all of the follow ingredients in some type of punch bowl:


  • 2 parts Tanqueray 10 gin
  • 1/2 part fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 part apple syrup
  • 1 part peach puree
  • 1 part peach liqueur
  • 1 part of packet chrysanthemum tea


Mix everything up and garnish with strawberry slices, apple slices and orange slices.


The Red Runner


Red is the color of the Chinese New Year, so The Red Runner cocktail is a perfect fit for this celebration.


  • Combine 1 1/2 oz. Silver Tanduay Asian Rum, 1 1/2 oz. tart cherry juice, and 1/2 oz. lemongrass simple syrup over ice and shake well.


Pour into a rocks glass and top with ginger ale and a cherry.


Gosling’s Ginger Ale Cocktail


This ginger ale cocktail is legit because you actually have to make your own ginger syrup and candied ginger before mixing up your drink. Be sure to follow the full recipe on Marie Claire, but once you have those ingredients ready, here’s how to complete your cocktail:


  • Full a tall glass almost full with ice and then with club soda.


  • Pour 2 Tbsp. ginger syrup down the side of the glass to create a layer of syrup on the bottom.


  • Add about 4 tsp. orange juice and the juice of 1/2 lime.


  • Carefully add 2 Tbsp. rum, floating it in a layer on top. There should be three visible, distinct layers: syrup, club soda and citrus juice, and rum.


  • Garnish each glass with a lime wedge and a slice of candied ginger hanging over the rim. Serve each drink with a straw and tell you guests to mix layers with the straw before drinking.


We’re kicking off this weekend with a few drinks in honor of the Chinese New Year. Mix up a few with friends and cheers to the year of the Horse.