I was in NYC a couple weekends ago, meeting up with a few friends from college. We had a delicious dinner and some fantastic drinks at Spice Market in the Meatpacking district. Not sure how or why, but after Spice Market we ended up going to this bar in Midtown known as Turtle Bay.

The drinks at Turtle Bay weren’t as good as the Saigon Cosmo I enjoyed at Spice Market. Nonetheless, I found myself tipping the Turtle Bay bartenders more. And no, it wasn’t a result of liquid friendliness. It was because they did way more than just mix my drink. They sang. They danced. They got on the bar (somewhat tastefully) and swung from ceiling beams. They were more than just bartenders. They were entertainers.

The crowd was mixed, ranging in age from 21-35 and even with the wide range of ages, I felt like I was back on Spring Break. Everyone was feeding off the bartenders’ energy and having a blast. After a few bottle flips and dance moves, I’d receive my drink. Down the hatch (don’t judge) and back to the bar I’d go, excited to see what other tricks were in store. They didn’t do repeat acts so I knew I would witness something original. Sure enough, I did. And sure enough, I’d continue to give them my money.

By the end of the night my wallet was lighter than anticipated but I didn’t care. Those bartenders contributed to the level of fun I reached that night and for that I am grateful. So thank you bartenders of Turtle Bay. You did a damn good job.

Drinkers of America, I know you’ve experienced some good times with your bartenders. Take a second to toast their hard work. The floor is yours.