US actor Tom Hanks holds up his Oscar as he drinks

It has finally arrived, the night Hollywood looks forward to all year, not to mention all of us “ordinary” folk who gather around the TV to watch all the glitter of the Oscars unfold. From the time the first celeb steps on to the red carpet, to the announcement of best picture winner, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will have a drink in hand, and possibly even be playing a few drinking games. So, this evening when you are cheering for your favorite stars and movies, we suggest mixing up one of these glamorous cocktails to get totally into the spirit of the Academy Awards. Cheers and may the best thespians win!

Oscar Night Smash

1 1/2 oz pear vodka ( keep in the freezer so it stays ice-cold)
1 1/2 oz pineapple juice, chilled
1 1/2 oz cranberry juice, chilled
2 raspberries for garnish

Line the rim of a chilled glass with sparkling sugar and add a couple raspberries to the glass. Then top with pear vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. Stir if desired!

And because it’s National Margarita Day as well, you’ll be ready to toast if we catch Betty White and Bradley Cooper making out again with this cocktail…

French Kiss Margarita

4 basil leaves
8 ounces blood orange juice
2 ounces lime juice
4 ounces Anejo tequila
2 ounces sweet vermouth

Muddle basil in blood orange juice. Add in remaining ingredients stir and strain into a glass filled with ice.