TheMuseBoston based Angry Orchard has added a new cider to their special edition Cider House Collection. The Muse, the newest member of the Angry Orchard family, is inspired by Champagne and sparkling wine flavors. The cider was concocted with a blend of apples from Italy and France and weighs in at 7.7% ABV. At $14.99 a bottle, The Muse joins Iceman and Strawman in the Cider House Collection. Look for the Champagne inspired cider on shelves.

Another brewery has teamed up with Avion Tequila to create a barrel-aged brew fit for any beer or tequila lover. Big Boss Brewing out of Raleigh, NC partnered with Avion and Olmeca Altos Distillery to create Muerto Viviente, a dark Belgian ale brewed with agave nectar and pink peppercorns. After being aged in tequila barrels for eleven months, this 9.9% ABV brew reportedly packs some serious flavor. The barrel-aged beer debuted on Friday and will be a part of Big Boss Brewing’s core offerings. Cheers to collaborations.

Another summer offering we’ll soon be seeing on shelves comes from an unlikely contender. In their first seasonal release ever, Coors Light is debuting their Coors Light Summer Brew this summer. Infused with natural citrus flavors, we’re thinking this is going to taste more like a Coors Light with a lemon squeezed in. Not our cup of beer, but to each drinker his own. You can pick the summer seasonal up in ten ounce cans with a new citrus inspired can.