Here at Drinking in America, we like a challenge. We like to top our highest scores and beat our fastest times. But most of all, we like bragging rights. This is precisely why we have compiled all the crazy shot combinations we could think of and are asking ourselves and all boozers out there, “Are you up for the challenge?”

So at your next party or boozy get-together, unveil this master list of what we like to call, “Challenge Shots” and see who the top dog really is. Do it, you won’t.

The Ranchero:
– Prepare a Dorito Flamas chip dipped in ranch
– Pour salt on hand
– Lick salt and take shot of Jalapeño Svedka
– Immediately eat the prepared Dorito dipped in ranch

Goin’ Nutty for Cocoa:
– Fill 1/2 shot glass with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and 1/2 with Vanilla Smirnoff
– Stir
– Take Shot
– Spoonful of Nutella to chase

Backyard Party:
– In a mixing bowl, soak 6 oz. Whisky in BBQ Chips. Let sit for 2 hours.
– Strain Whisky
– Pour shot and take
– Spoonful of honey to chase

The Heat:
– In a mixing bowl, soak 6 oz. Fireball Whisky in Hot Tamale Candy. Let sit for 2 hours.
– Strain Hot Tamale Candy. Pour shot and take.
– Chase with handful of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (the more you eat, the mightier you are)
– Hose down your fiery mouth!

Ay Caramba!: 
– Prepare a slice of Jalapeño
– Fill 1/2 shot glass with Tabasco sauce
– Fill remaining half of shot glass with Tequila
– Take shot
– Chase with slice of Jalapeño

Can’t Feel My Face:
– Shot of Hot Sauce
– Shot of Tequila
– Lime!

The Face Scrunch:
– Prepare 1/2 shot of Rum mixed with 1/2 shot Sour Apple Schnapps
– Start with Pixie Stick (as much as you can handle)
– Take shot
– Chase with Pixie Stick