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Her Shot: Wine Dogs

Our Stories / February 26, 2016 / No Comments.

VAWineDogs2The Winery Dog. This particular pooch is one that lives and works (and naps) in the vineyard, winery and tasting rooms of wineries around the world. To document and share winemakers’ best friend(s) with the rest of us common folk, the site offers consistent updates on these...
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Work it Out with Wine

Wine / February 23, 2016 / No Comments.

Thanks to April Storey there is a whole new crowd of wine lovers who are looking to get in shape. Just last week, in honor of National Drink Wine Day, April released her second wine workout video in which she shows fellow drinkers how to kill two...
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Millennials & Wine, A Love Story.

Her Shot / February 19, 2016 / No Comments.


Just yesterday we celebrated National Drink Wine Day by popping a few bottles and sharing photos of our celebration with the trending hashtag. So, it may come as no surprise that wine is finally winning with Millennials.

New research from the Wine Market Council shows that the tech savvy...
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The Drunk Love Bird’s Gift Guide

Cocktails / February 12, 2016 / No Comments.

Our single friends have been blabbing all week about how hard it is to spend Valentine’s Day alone BUT what they don’t realize is just how lucky they really are. Singles get away without having to give Valentine’s Day...
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Kickstart the Boozy Innovation

Featured Story / February 4, 2016 / No Comments.


What’s better than snagging the latest trendy accessory? Well snagging the latest trendy booze accessory of course. We recently came across two emerging Kickstarters that are boasting some serious innovation, and looking for a little support from enthusiastic investors. Here’s the rundown on both products and what they...
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Wine trends to look out for in 2016

Wine / January 31, 2016 / No Comments.

giphy-9The annual “State of the Wine Industry” report has just been released, and it’s given us some insightful predictions about the future of our good friend, vino. Don’t worry, vino isn’t going anywhere, but we will certainly see changes in its price, selection, and origin. Released by Silicon...
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Save Water, Drink Wine!

Wine / January 19, 2016 / No Comments.


Once a bottle of wine is opened, it’s very likely that it will also be emptied that same night (or afternoon, for that matter). However, on the rare occasion that it isn’t we’ll pretty much do anything to make sure that it sticks around till the...
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When Wine Goes Missing

Wine / January 16, 2016 / No Comments.

giphy (8)

Relatable moment: You finally find that super fancy, high-end bottle of wine that you’ve been looking for for years. And, the best part–it’s only priced at $1000! No way! That’s almost too good to be true. You want to take advantage of this opportunity, so you buy...
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Her Shot: Saving Spoiled Wine

Her Shot / January 9, 2016 / No Comments.

giphyDon’t you hate when you open a bottle of wine and forget about it? After being uncorked for a decent amount of time, your booze adopts a certain stench – one of something spoiling – and you feel as if all is lost. Talk about a bummer. Well...
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Wondering Which Bottle to Pop in 2016?

Wine / December 28, 2015 / No Comments.


Whether it is served in a beautiful crystal flute, or simply handed to you in a red solo cup, we know you are bound to have a few sips of champagne this New Year’s Eve. Sparking Wine, Prosecco and Champagne may not be everyone’s favorite day to day...
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