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Hot. Buttered. Rum.

Uncategorized / January 17, 2017 / No Comments.

Hot buttered rum. Sounds like something from Harry Potter, but is actually a crazy good concoction colonial America created back in 1650.


It all started when Jamaica started importing molasses into Colonial America. When New Englanders got their hands on this awesome new ingredient, they were like,...
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3 Way Not to Hate Dry January

Uncategorized / January 10, 2017 / No Comments.

New Year’s Eve + Colossal hangover + Desire to get your sh*t together in 2017 = Dry January.


If you’ve stuck to your guns, stayed totally sober, and feel like you could do this whole no-drinking thing forever, congratulations you’re a freak. For the rest of us, there are a...
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Boozy Advent Calendars

Uncategorized / December 6, 2016 / No Comments.


It’s that time of year when we start counting. We count the number of people on our list of gifts to buy, the holiday parties we are invited to (the number of drinks we consume at each), but most of all, we count the number of days until...
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You Are Your Halloween Costume

Our Stories / October 30, 2016 / No Comments.


You can really tell a lot about a person by their halloween costume. After all, it is one of few things you can trust in a dark bar on halloween night. So in a night of spook and thrill, you’ll want to be certain about one thing– what...
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Cocktail Corner: Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Cocktail Corner / October 13, 2016 / No Comments.


It’s the one time of year we can use and decorate with pumpkins, so we won’t apologize for going a little bit overboard. If you are really trying to impress your pregame guests this Halloween season, we’ve stirred up quite the trick to treat your guests: Pumpkin Punch.

Creating the...
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Booze News Weekly

Booze News Weekly / October 5, 2016 / No Comments.


Do you ever find yourself bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to talk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week…

Kahlua Chili Chocolate: The original rum and coffee liqueur is bringing their A-game this holiday season with a...
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Oct 4: National Vodka Day

Uncategorized / October 4, 2016 / No Comments.

snapd_LogoHappy National Vodka Day! Celebrate accordingly with these fun vodka facts and drinks:

  • Vodka accounts for almost 20-25% of spirits sold today in North America, making it the most popular libation.
  • Vodka is made from many...
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What Your Drink of Choice Says About You

Uncategorized / September 30, 2016 / No Comments.

giphy-1Everyone has their favorite alcoholic beverage. What you probably didn’t know is that every mixie or shot has a certain reputation behind it. Check out some of the meanings associated with some of the most popular drinks (Thanks to BuzzFeed):


  • People drink it to feel cool and edgy
  • People who...
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Falling for Fall Infusions

Uncategorized / September 18, 2016 / No Comments.


Feeling all the feels of summer’s end right now BUT there is a saving grace: Apple Pie. Better yet, Apple Pie flavored booze. We’re trading in our watermelon, berries, and tangy vodka for a fall favorite. Why eat your dessert when you could drink it, right?

So put on...
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Uncategorized / September 16, 2016 / No Comments.


As if being Friday isn’t enough of a good reason to love today, it’s also Guacamole Day! So we thought why not get into the Cinco de Mayo vibe and add some tequila to today. Brilliant, right? And so we proudly present: Margarita Guacamole! It’s like your favorite...
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