cider cocktails

After experimenting with Beer Cocktails last week, we decided this week to focus on hard cider. While you may think of Cider as more of an autumn beverage, we try not to discriminate. With hard cider’s range of flavors, we think it’s acceptable any time of year.


The Young Buck (no relation to the G-Unit rapper) is light, fizzy, low in alcohol and full of flavor, which makes it the perfect drink for a summer afternoon.

  • Ice
  • 3oz Ginger Beer
  • 6oz Hard Cider
  • 1 tbs Hibiscus Simple Syrup (recipe here)
  • Dried Hibiscus flower for garnish


With the many cider and ginger beer brands, you have the perfect excuse to keep drinking these refreshing cocktails all weekend long. Make sure to comment below to let us know your favorite combination.