There’s nothing college students like more than beer, so why not have them study it? Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant is going to do just that. They are launching a program in fall of 2015 that will train and certify their students in “fermentation science.” By doing so, they will not only support the state’s craft brewing industry but give their students the knowledge they need to bring us the next generation of high quality craft brews. No further explanation necessary.

The program will include both classroom time and lab work in biochemistry to microbiology, on top of a 200-hour internship. Dedication, we like it. Program director Cordell DeMattei wants to provide training for “future leaders of the craft brewing industry.” Given the current success of the industry, we can see why.

Central Michigan University won’t be the first though; brewing education programs are also offered at Oregon State and Central Washington universities as well as University of California’s Davis and San Diego campuses. Can someone point us in the right direction to the registrar’s office? We have some classes to sign up for.