Homer Simpson’s beverage of choice is officially hitting shelves in the real world. Courtesy of 21st Century Fox, Duff Beer will be available in Chile liquor stores starting this week. Who knew the Chileans were big time Simpsons fans? With 26 seasons under their belt and a 27th on the way, it’s no surprise that The Simpsons have gained global fandom.

It’s not just Chile that gets to take advantage of this pop culture beverage. Europe and South America can expect to see Duff in their stores later in the year. If your passport is expired, there’s still hope for those of you in the US. Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood offer the beer in their parks near the themed attractions.

But there’s more to a beer than how many cartoon characters like to drink it. It has to taste good too. Duff Beer is said to be a premium lager with deep golden color, a hint of fruit, and a caramel aroma. Doesn’t sound so bad to us. The beer’s creators hope that this new offering will knock unauthorized imitators out of the market and eventually be available worldwide.