It’s the mammoth of beer cans. 32 whole ounces of delicious brew. The Crowler™ is definitely the biggest can we’ve ever drank out of.


The craft beer world is always coming out with new ways for us to drink our brews. With growlers growing in popularity recently, it’s absolutely genius that Oskar Blues Brewery would have the genius idea to create a growler sized can, appropriately named the Crowler™.


The Colorado craft brewery teamed up with Ball Corporation to bring their idea to life. The 32 oz. recyclable can was developed as a “to go” option for patrons that truly love Oskar Blues beer. Thirty two ounces is the perfect size if you’re looking to indulge in any limited or special edition brews that aren’t typically sold in six-packs. Plus, unlike a growler, you can basically take it anywhere and it can’t shatter like a glass growler might. Aka it’s perfect for day drinking outside. The only drawback to the Crowler™ is that once you open it, you have to drink it all. So make sure you invite a few friends if you’re going to invest. And if you’re a champ like us, you can finish it off by yourself.


You can find a Crowler™ at the Tasty Weasel, Oskar Blues’ taproom. In addition to their Colorado location, the supersized can will be available at their North Carolina taproom in the next few weeks.


Would you pick up a 32 oz. can? And would you share it with friends or keep it all to yourself (like we would)?