hidden-sunscreen-lotion-flask-0July is booming with beach days and booze. Whether you’re celebrating Independence Day or embracing the fact that summer is almost halfway over, we bet you aren’t doing so without a drink in one/both hands. But this month signals much more than the arrival of scorching sunlight, it’s also National Picnic Month. So before August’s intense heat waves lock you indoors, go outside, find a park, and lie in the grass—but don’t forget the booze.

Here are our favorite methods for concealing cocktails:

Wine cups: If wine is your drink of choice, ditch the bottle and opt for a set of pre-packaged, individual wine cups. There are plenty of brands that make these, so they’ll be just as easy to buy as they will be to drink.

Pocket shots: Looking for a bit more of a wild time? Well like wine, there are plenty of companies who sell pre-packaged shots of pretty much any liquor imaginable. Simply throw a few in your pocket or purse, purchase a chaser (or not), and toss ‘em back.

Beer in a soft-drink cup: All you need is a plastic soft-drink cup (complete with a lid and straw) and your choice of beer in a can. Fill the cup with just enough ice so when you put the beer can in, the lid still fits comfortably on top. Place the straw through the opening of the can and the lid, and then sip away.

Hollow out a book: You were planning on bringing one to read anyway, right? When you plop down on that picnic blanket, no one will second guess you when taking out your favorite hardcover novel. Except hidden inside will be a flask filled with your favorite drink.

Sunscreen flask: Have an almost-empty bottle of sunscreen handy? Use/dump the rest, thoroughly clean the container, unscrew the top, and fill ‘er up with whatever alcohol you desire. Still, it’ll probably be sunny outside anyway so we’d recommend bringing along real sunscreen as well—there’s nothing worse than being drunk and dehydrated with a sunburn.

Beer Belly: If all else fails, you can always purchase a “Beer Belly.” The contraption is literally a fillable sack that you wear (that’s right, you guessed it) on your belly underneath your clothes. There’s a tube that you weave up through your sleeve, and with a small movement of your hand to your mouth, you’re able to consume delicious booze.