It’s been a long summer of booze and we’ve done some serious exploring into cocktail menus and new spirits. On that list is the Brazilian superstar, Cachaça. Last summer, we started to dabble in the world of Cachaça, making Caipirinhas like they were going out of style. This summer we were looking to expand our palettes.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about what Cachaça has to offer so naturally we turned to the experts, our bartender friends. One thing is clear: they love Cachaça. For those newbies out there, Cachaça tastes a little bit like rum, with it’s own flavor that’s really indescribable. The “grassy, earthy” flavor is perfect for cocktails according to John Harris (Zentan/DNV Rooftop) and he suggests a Caipirinha for anyone who’s just diving into the Brazilian cocktail world.

Sean McClure over at Le Bernardin is a big believer in Cachaça and loves the “lively, bright and fresh,” flavor it brings to a cocktail. Erin Jameson (The Modern) agrees completely and says that Cachaça is going to be a big player on our bar shelves soon so we better start paying attention. We hear you Erin.

So why the sudden love fest over Cachaça? Andy Feldmann over at Fogo de Chão attributes it to the U.S. obsession with all things Brazilian culture has to offer to the food and drink world. He suggests we start sipping Cachaça straight and expand our cocktail palettes and branch out past the Caipirinha. You don’t have to tell us twice.

So if you don’t believe us, believe our bartender friends. Buy yourself a bottle or order yourself a delicious cocktail. Either way, get on the Cachaça bandwagon.