Anheuser-Busch wants you to be able to buy your friends a beer – on Facebook. The companies have teamed up to test two programs that would allow gifting of both Budweiser and Bud Light on Facebook.

The Bud Light Birthday promotion would give Facebook users the opportunity to earn their friends a free birthday Bud Light while the Buds for Buds program would allow you to buy a friend a Budweiser. The testing is currently happening in Chicago and Denver, in the hopes that both programs will be rolled out nationally next year. Not that you should be surprised, but we’re pumped to do both when the time comes.

Recipients must be 21+ and can redeem their beers at a bar or restaurant. The voucher will be prepaid so all that’s left to do is show up, provide ID and enjoy the beer. We’re excited to see how the whole thing plays out. Let us know your thoughts and of course, feel free to find us on Facebook and buy us a Bud.