Ready to Drink cocktail



Big surprise: there’s another low-cal ready to drink cocktail option on the market. But this time, the cocktails aren’t just cutting the calories. They’re ripping you off.


Slim Lizzy’s Cocktails are all about lowering the alcohol content in their premixed cocktails. They’ve introduced three ready to drink cocktails (Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri and Cosmo) that target women who don’t want to overindulge but still like to enjoy a cocktail. Talk about a stereotype. We are not advocating over-indulgence, but assuming that women cannot monitor how much they drink and control themselves seems outrageous.


Instead Slim Lizzy’s is “solving” this with a 45 calorie per 4.5 oz (half a cup) and 5% ABV cocktail, essentially the same alcohol content as a beer. The drinks will be available in frozen pouches ($1.99) and 750ml bottles ($9.99).


For all of you that don’t feel like doing the math (we don’t blame you), here’s what we realized. A 750 ml bottle is about the size (and amount of alcohol) as two bottles of beer. Do you really want to pay $9.99 for that?


If low-cal beverages are your thing, and you’re trying to waste money, then go ahead, try Slim Lizzy’s. But be forewarned, it’s a bust. You’re better off mixing your own cocktail with as much alcohol as you want.


If anyone has tried it please let us know what you think in the comments.