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Nothing says, “I paid too much for this but it’s worth it ’cause I look cool,” more than a vintage-looking handmade crate of throwback Budweiser. And that’s okay, because that’s what they were going for. Ever since the craft beer craze swept through hipster nation sometime during the 2000’s, Budweiser has been un-cool, mainstream, and even embarrassing in places like Austin and Brooklyn. Instead of big beer, these gen y-ers have turned to micro-brews, craft brands, and perhaps most importantly, Pabst Blue Ribbon. But now, The King of Beers is trying to change that.

For the upcoming holiday season, Budweiser will be releasing some #throwback beer. Using reincarnated shipping crates of the twentieth century and vintage labels, the beer hopes to attract hip millennials, not necessarily to their actual product, but to the experience itself. Asking, “If you could share a Bud with any of your friends these holidays, who would it be?”, in their recent promotional video, Budweiser hopes that hipsters will share their beers over some over-priced organic turkey and kale salad.

So whether you identify with the hipsters of today or not, remember that drinks are always better with company (vintageyness optional).