It’s that time of year, ladies. How many bridal showers do you have on your calendar for this spring and summer already? We won’t tell you how many we’re dealing with, but we figured we’d help you along with some great gift ideas. If your brides like to throw back a few drinks every once in a while, they’ll be sure to appreciate your ingenuity and thoughtfulness. Heck, even if they aren’t big drinkers, everyone needs a cocktail while they’re planning a wedding.


Wine To Celebrate “Firsts”

BridalShower1A really popular, easy present is a collection of wines to celebrate a couple’s “firsts” as a married duo. Decide how many different wines you’re going to buy (this gives you flexibility if you don’t have a ton of money to spend) and then put them in a classy basket or box. Make nice looking labels and tie them around the neck of each bottle with some ribbon – the labels can say things like “Wedding Night,” “First Fight,” “First Anniversary,” “First Dinner Party,” and “First Baby.” Some people like to add cute little poems to each tag as well; look for some pre-written poems online or get a little creative and write your own. If the bride has wine glasses on her wedding registry, consider including those with the basket as an added bonus.


Personalized Wine Glasses

BridalShower2You can go so many different routes with this gift – the sky is the limit with how you can design these glasses. Make the bride a special drink chalice to sip from as she gets ready on the wedding morning. Decorate it with “Mrs. XXX” (whatever her new last name is going to be), draw a wedding dress, hearts, really anything you think she’d like. If you’re not very artistic, there’s something really easy you can do that will still make an impact. Paint the bottom of the wine glasses with chalkboard paint and write cute sayings on them with chalk. The chalk obviously won’t stay on permanently, but she will love having the option to write things on the wine glasses in the future (they’re great when you have guests over.)


Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

Bridal Shower


Does your bride have a favorite type of liquor? Buy the liquor and either drink it all or save it in another bottle (but dear lord, do not dump it down the drain). Buy a bottle of soap with a really fancy, pretty pump and dump the soap into the liquor bottle – you may need to buy more than one thing of soap to fill the whole liquor bottle. The pump should fit the liquor bottle, but there’s no way to really tell until you actually buy it and try it out. If it fits the bottle, but the actual tube that goes down into the soap isn’t quite long enough, add on a plastic straw over the original tube.