anchor-porter-1024x1024Autumn is just around the corner – time to trade in your shandies and summer ales for something a little more in tune with the season. Allow us to suggest a few of our favorite fall brews…

Odell Brewing Company: Oktoberfest

Octoberfest style lagers have exploded in recent years. With more and more breweries across the country trying their hand at crafting a version of this traditional German brew, finding the right Octoberfest is fast becoming a Fall tradition.  The Colorado based Odell Brewing Company’s has taken a more traditional approach with their offering, using Munich and toffee malts with a subtle blend of floral hops. This lager boasts a sweet, biscuity flavor which the brewers themselves describe as “a liquid version of a fresh-baked doughy pretzel.”

We’ll have 3. 

Bantam Cider Company: Wunderkind

The Cambridge, MA based Bantam Cider Company blends fresh local apples with flavors of cinnamon and flower-blossom honey to form their flagship offering, “Wunderkind.”  This American cider is crisp, bright and refreshing.  Perfect for your next tailgate or Thanksgiving dinner.

Dogfish Head: Punkin Ale

A good pumpkin beer isn’t easy to come by. Yet for beer lovers, it’s essential for a quality Autumn booze lineup.  With that, we crown Dogfish Head’s “Punkin Ale” as king of the pumpkin patch this fall.  Brewed with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices, this Autumn classic delivers the right pumpkin flavors without overwhelming you.

Anchor Brewing Company: Anchor Porter

Fun fact: stouts and porters are just as delicious at room temperature as they are straight out of the fridge.  So when you start to see your thermostat drop this fall, go grab an extra sweater, throw a log on the fire, and pour yourself a glass of Anchor Porter. This first of its kind dark American porter, (which is currently celebrating its 44th anniversary), perfectly blends pale, caramel, chocolate, and black malts to create a smooth and drinkable beer guaranteed to keep you warm.