24-Bottles-1110x740It seems like a new craft brewery pops up every day and with so many beers to choose from the casual beer drinker can be easily overwhelmed. Charlie Mulligan founded BrewPublik with his friend Zach Jamison in Charlotte, NC to make craft beers more accessible.

Although it’s been called the “Netflix of craft beer,” Charlie compares BrewPublik to Pandora—choosing beers for consumers based on beers they already like. Using their algorithm or “Beergorithm” to make decisions for customers, BrewPublik selects beers and delivers it right to customers’ doors. Instead of spending $15 on a six-pack at the store that you end up hating, BrewPublik offers the opportunity to try new craft beers without the risk. When you sign up for BrewPublik, you input beers you already like and the Beergorithm selects three brews that are similar to your current tastes along with one seasonal “wild card” beer that is different but still based on your taste.

The current subscriptions run from $20 to $90 and 12 or 24-packs depending on the month-by-month subscription. Currently, BrewPublik distributes to customers in Charlotte, NC but is in the process of expanding. If you want BrewPublik in your area, be sure to sign up for the waitlist here!