Crack open an ice cold one and read up on all things that have been going on in the beer world.


Hawaiians say “Aloha,” to Maui-Stone Craft Beverages. Maui Brewing Company and Stone Brewing Company (of San Diego) announced that they’re joining forces to bring the best craft beers to Hawaii. Islanders can expect a diverse profile that features beers from both breweries as well as other craft beers from around California and Colorado. This seems like as good a reason as any to plan our next vacation to Maui.


Magic Hat has been a pillar in the craft beer world for the last twenty years. However, for the last decade we’ve been waiting for a new year round release from the Vermont brewery. Finally, Dream Machine debuts as the newest full time release that we can’t wait to try. The IPL (Indian Pale Lager) is light in color and carries a citrus aroma with a slight spice. Knowing the beers Magic Hat produces (#9 is in our hall of fame), this is a six-pack you’re going to want to pick up ASAP.


If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t been bombarded by Bud Light’s ads, they’re putting out their new bottle, Cool Twist. The new reclosable 16 oz. bottles were created to allow drinkers to open a beer without finishing it. One question: why would anyone ever do that? Though we always finish our brew, we can see these being pretty useful for tailgating or sporting events. Pat McGauley, Vice President of Anheuser-Busch says there’s another benefit to the bottles: “not only does the cool twist bottle have a sleek, innovative design, but it feels colder.” Touché Bud Light, we do love our beers cold.