udder love beer

 How sweet it is. Michigan based Founder’s Brewing Co. is set to release their latest offering this fall called Sweet Repute. The new brew is the newest addition to the brand’s Backstage Series, which features their limited edition, out of the box recipes. Sweet Repute, a barrel-aged wheat wine, is concocted from wheat, roasted malts and hops. After brewing, the beer is matured in both bourbon and maple syrup bourbon barrels for 16 months. That’s a seriously sweet aging period. The 13% ABV beer will be released in limited quantities at $17.99 per 750 ml. Forget the price, get your hands on this one.


Only in California would you find a beer called Udder Love. The newly released milk stout hails from Long Beach based Beachwood Brewing. Udder Love is brewed with three different types of roasted malts that give the beer a coffee chocolately flavor. After brewing, it’s finished with milk sugar, hence the very appropriate name. This $8 a bottle beer will only be sold in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. So to all of our West Coast pals, try this one and let us know if you udderly love it (pun intended).


Some might say it’s a little early to be thinking of the holidays but Shmaltz Brewing Co. thinks otherwise. The New York brewery is celebrated the overlap of the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah holidays this year by releasing Jewbelation Reborn this week. The 17% ale is brewed with 17 different hops and 17 malts. All the flavors, oy vey. The beer will be part of their Hebrew Holiday Gift pack that will be available later this year. Other flavors include: Messiah Nut Brown Ale, R.I.P.A On Rye, Funky Jewbelation, and Death of a Contract Brewer. We’re ordering one as soon as possible.