winebasketListen up: we love getting gifts. Sure it’s always nice to get socks or underwear but we’re thinking more along the lines of booze. You can’t go wrong giving people alcohol and the possibilities are endless. A few that we’re hoping to receive:


Drinks On Me

This new app is the perfect way to show friends and family that you care. First you select a Facebook friend or someone from your contacts to send a drink to. Then select a participating bar or restaurant and buy them a drink, simple as that. Your friend will receive a notification that you bought them a drink, head to the bar and redeem their gift. Here’s to hoping they return the favor. The best part about the app (other than a free drink) is that you don’t have to redeem immediately. You can save the drinks that friends buy you, and cash them in anytime you want.


Thanks, Bro.

For all of the dudes in your life. Thanks, Bro. allows you to thank someone in a manly way. The nationwide delivery service avoids the lame fruit baskets and goes straight for beer and beef jerky. The brand has been around for a couple of years but their new website is making us want to send ourselves a present. The arrangement includes your choice of beef jerky, a gift certificate for beer and a “Please Jerk Responsibly,” wristband. Finally we can eliminate the embarrassment of bro-on-bro gifting.


Cellars Wine Club

Normally we find wine of the month clubs boring and outdated but Cellars may have changed our minds. They offer 12 clubs to satisfy the wine likes, ranging in price and type of wine. On our wish list: the Quarterly Case Club. You receive a case of new wines every three months accompanied by tasting notes and pairing suggestions. This will certainly satisfy the winos in your life.


What’s the best booze gift you’ve ever received, and which one of these do you want the most?