Here at Drinking in America, we always enjoy a good slang word or two. In our world, words like “brew,” “cold one,” and “booze” create that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach when you see your old teddy bear. These are the words that keep us going.

Our friends at Urban Dictionary never relent in their efforts to supply us with the most up to date and trendy slang. So, we figured that we could share with you some of our favorite (and not so favorite) alcoholic slang words, because, why not?

First things first:

Booze: your standard slang word for all things alcohol.
Sauce: a slang word for alcohol that creates a rather strange comparison in one’s head.  (We’d rather not think of marinara sauce when sipping on a margarita).
Wobbly pops: refers to really anything that will get you drunk. Is also fun to say.
Junkst: a term from the UK meaning, you guessed it, alcohol.

Handy hoppy words:

Brew: a term for beer, dedicated to the art that is Brewing.
Brewski: a more bro-y way of saying, “brew.”
Cold one: the only way you should be drinking your beer.
Suds: a slang word for beer, referring to the foam garnishing the top of a glass.
Stew: an ugly word for beer.

Weird words for wine:

Vino: a pretentious way to say wine.
Cougar juice: a marginally offensive term for wine. Drink on, ladies.

And some things just aren’t for us:

Roadie: this term refers to a beer consumed whilst in a moving vehicle. In most states, this is illegal.
Hair of the dog: the graphic sounding practice that means consuming more alcohol upon the realization of a hangover. Power to ya.

Many of these words bring smiles to our faces every time we hear them. So, when you’re blasted, bombed, gassed, hammered, loaded, smashed, or wasted this weekend, these words will remind you of the joy that is drinking.