That’s a fancy lookin’ phone you got there. You know what would make it even better? Some new (drinking) apps. Forget Angry Birds – you need to make sure your new iPhone 5 has the best alcohol-related apps out there. Oh yeah, and don’t worry… if you haven’t upgraded to the new iPhone yet (like us), these apps work on any smart phone.


iBartender – Drink Recipes

This app costs $0.99, but from the looks of it, it’s worth spending a little. It has recipes for popular drinks, tells you what you can make with what you have on hand, and lets you add your own drink recipes.



If you live in Washington D.C., New York City, Chicago, Boston or San Francisco, this free app needs to be on your phone. Users can leave a short review of a bar or club that they are at so that other people looking for a place to go at the same time will know what to expect. Reviews expire after 3 hours, so you’ll know what you’re reading is current for that establishment. Users can include details on length of the line, how much the cover is and what the gender ratio is.


Liquor Run

With this free app, you’ll always be able to find booze. Liquor Run finds the closest beer, liquor and wine stores and provides turn-by-turn directions and closing times.


Blush for Wine

This one is another freebie and it’s a definite “must” for all wine lovers. It helps you find wines based on your taste, occasion and budget. You can scan a wine’s barcode to learn more about it, find a nearby store with low prices and search for wines by name, varietal, region, rating and price range.

Have you downloaded any great drinking apps recently? We’re always looking for something new and different, so let us know if you’ve found anything good out there.