It’s that time of year when we start counting. We count the number of people on our list of gifts to buy, the holiday parties we are invited to (the number of drinks we consume at each), but most of all, we count the number of days until Christmas.

Not only does each passing day represent a step closer towards the most joyous day of all, it’s also a step closer to a new us – the 2017 us. So it’s only natural that in the face of change we turn to something in particular to celebrate – booze. We’re talking Boozy Advent Calendars!

You may say a drink a day isn’t appropriate – but we’ll try to convince you otherwise with some inspiration below:

Master of Malt
A shot of whiskey a day keeps the doctor away? Well, you can give it a try! Check it out here.

Specially curated for the holiday season, Vinebox’s 12 glasses of wine leading up to Christmas Day will leave you a holiday wine expert.

The Ginvent Calendar
Drinks by the Dram and Gin Foundry have teamed up again to serve all the gin lovers this holiday season. Buy it here!

Don’t forget the power of your own creativity. Don’t see what you like here – make your own!