We’re powering through 2015 and summer is quickly approaching! If we had to guess what you’re doing right now, we’d assume many of you are sitting at your desks and dreaming up what you’d like to do with those few weeks of precious vacation time. So, we figured we would offer a little something to the mid-work week daydream/brainstorm seeing as we all have one thing in common, our love for booze! It turns out there are vacation cruises tailored to our favorite past time, as well as our drink of choice. These few special voyages have made our bucket list each honoring a specific beverage and take boozing to a whole new sea level!

American Queen Bourbon Trail: Our first cruise is tailored to bourbon lovers, and we’re not sure there is a better way to celebrate the birthday of our great nation than with this eight night cruise. Departing on the 4th of July down in St. Louis, the American Queen Steamboat Company will sail 436 passengers up the Ohio River into Kentucky stopping along the way to tour acclaimed distilleries that produce Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve. In between sailing from destination to destination cruisers will also be entertained with bourbon inspired menu items, tastings and boozy seminars.

Gin Voyage: You’re going to need to jump on a plane to make it to this next booze cruise, but we think for some gin lovers it will definitely be worth a trip overseas! Snake Rattle & Stir is kicking off the summer with a series of “Gin Voyages”. This classy English cruise, hosted by mixologist Leon Dalloway, takes 12 passengers down the canal on a floating distillery for three delightful hours. The cruise begins at King’s Cross, and takes cruisers around north London while they experience six gin cocktails and learn more about the delicious spirit. At the end of this cruise there’s no need to stop at the gift shop, after docking every passenger leaves with some gin that was distilled on the ship to take as a souvenir.

Brews Cruise Alaska: Finally for our drinkers out there who prefer a fresh brewski over a frilly cocktail, we have the cruise for you. Set to embark on it’s 18th journey this August the Alaska Brews Cruise will be hosted by beer guru Tom Dalldorf. The seven day journey will take passengers through boozy seminars, beer talks, beer inspired activities, and of course several tastings. The journey also includes a stop in Alaska’s capital city for a tour of some remote Northwest breweries. We can only assume that taking in the breathtaking beauty of Alaska is that much more glorious when you have an ice cold beer in hand.

Do you know of an epic booze cruise we’ve missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!