A New York City panini shop just brought food and alcohol pairings to a whole new level. Salumè, with shops in Soho and Times Square, recently unveiled their liquor-infused paninis to the very happy sandwich/booze lovers of America. Though the new concept is sure to draw a crowd, these are anything but novelty items. Salumè prides itself in creating totally authentic Italian paninis, so you will feel super classy while you’re ordering lunch.
They are offering a few different sandwiches, including:
• Mortadella with cave aged salva cremasco, gherkins, watercress and Il Moscato di Nonino Grappa
• Surryano ham with 9-month aged asiago cheese, fig mustard, peppermint and Bulliet rye
• Prosciutto, parmacotta, cave aged cheese, raw beets, black pepper aioli and scotch.

We don’t know what half of those foods even are, but we did recognize the most important part: booze. The alcohol is drizzled over the sandwich after it’s been made, so you don’t have to worry about the liquor burning off during the cooking process. The flavor of the alcohol is meant to complement the other flavors in the sandwich, not soak the bread and overpower your taste buds. We’re 99% sure you’re not really going to get drunk by noshing on these paninis, but the whole concept of liquor infused sandwiches is definitely worth a taste.