The food truck trend has been on the rise for quite a while now. As more and more options appear, we can’t help but notice something missing with our curbside meals. What good is a gourmet burger or a greasy pile of fries if you can’t wash them down with a cold one? Why bother ordering cupcakes if there isn’t a tiny bottle of Prosecco alongside it? The convenience and quirk of the trucks have blinded us from what we consider to be a basic human need.

Trucks are hearing our cries and more and more are picking up liquor licenses. Some trucks like Bar Car in San Francisco and Winery on Wheels in Dallas serve alcohol exclusively. It’s hard to monitor identification and age while parked on a city street, so you’ll usually only have access to these wheeled havens at private events or festivals.

If the trend continues to stick around, we’ll be seeing more and more trucks serving alcohol. Keep your eyes out and your wallet ready.