Worlds First Self Serving Beer Pump: We’ve all been there. Stuck in a packed bar, trying to make eye contact with the bartender and waiting for what feels like an eternity just to spend $12 on a weak drink. Well Barclaycard wants to put an end to it. The British credit card company just unveiled its prototype self-serve beer terminal at Henry’s Cafe and Bar in Piccadilly. Pay @ Pump allows patrons to streamline service, by paying and pouring their own beer in a bar. You just pick your drink, and touch your card to the base of the machine. Voila, cold beer in just 60 seconds.

Jameson Music: Jameson Irish Whiskey has teamed up with grammy-winning musician Gary Clark Jr to launch the new initiative, which is dedicated to helping musicians across the country pursue their dreams. The Jameson Family motto is “sine metu” which translates to “without fear.” This is also the same philosophy the collaboration is looking for in their artists.

Kerrygold Irish Cream: The World Drink Award winner for best Cream Liqueur is now available across the United States. Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur is a premium blend of natural Irish Cream, real chocolate and Oak-aged Irish Whiskey. Perfect for the holidays.

The Bloody Buddy: Austin, TX boozemen Buddy Jordan and Joey Kindred just released the latest in a growing trend of ready-to-drink cocktails. The Bloody Buddy is a fusion of handcrafted chili pepper vodka, and spiced tomato mix. The drink comes in both 750 ml bottles and 200 ml single serving bottles. For a perfect Bloody Mary every time, just pour over ice.