BmpWqaJCAAAayxH.jpg-largeDo you ever find yourself getting bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to walk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

KCCO Gold – Resignation Brewery has recently begun national distribution of its new, and second beer offering, KCCO Gold Lager. This subtle yet sweet brew has a crisp taste and a golden straw-like color. Considering the success of the brewery’s first product, KCCO Black Lager, which will be re-released in Fall 2015, we assume this lighter offering with be just as big of a sensation.

Alacran Cristal – The up and coming Tequila company, formally known as Autentico Tequila Alacran, just released an ultra premium tequila appropriately named Alcaran Cristal. The anejo spirit is packaged beautifully, with the liquor proving to be just as smooth and luxurious as the glass bottle itself. Each bottle is hand labeled and numbered, assuring consumers of Alacran Cristal’s high quality.

Xo, G – Guliana Rancic will add a Moscato offering to her already booming California wine label, Xo, G. The Moscato variety will be packaged in an innovative bottle made for by-the-glass consumption. Available on Walmart shelves in late spring 2015 (any day now), this semi-sweet wine, with a taste reminiscent of peaches and honey, is sure to be a hit.

Flowers in your Gin – Rochester New York’s first and finest craft distillery, Black Button Distilling, announced the arrival of a limited edition Lilac Gin. To commemorate “The Flower City” as well as Rochester’s annual Lilac Festival, the infused gin is produced using locally sourced ingredients as well as freshly picked lilac petals; it’s just about as authentic as you can get.

Bear Beer – Straight out of Sonoma County, CA, Bear Republic Brewery Company is bringing its newest seasonal brew to the public. Mach 10, available for a limited time only, is a double IPA containing what most say is a mouthwatering, unique hoppy-profile. Made with several hop varieties as well as plenty of English Crystal Malt and First Gold Hops, Mach 10 is the ideal IPA to help you transition into spring.