giphyNeed to liven up your drinking habits? We’ve got all the new and noteworthy booze news:

Black Cow Milk Vodka. English dairy farmer Jason Barber has created what he calls “the world’s first pure milk vodka.” Black Cow Vodka is made by first separating whole milk into whey and curds. The whey is turned into a special milk-beer, and then put through a “secret” distillation process. The final product is a translucent spirit that to the naked eye is indistinguishable from regular vodka. The spirit receive rave reviews, and recently won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards.

Kahlua Chili Chocolate. The holiday season is in full swing, and like clockwork, drink makers everywhere are coming forward with new and exciting seasonal offerings.  Kahlua is no stranger to this trend and has just released its 2016 holiday product: Kahlua Chili Chocolate.  With this release, Kahlua takes its classic rum based liqueur, dials back the sweetness and adds a big chili pepper kick. While Chili Chocolate’s release coincides with the holiday season, it is slated to become a permanent fixture in Kahlua’s lineup.

Peated Bourbon. The New York City based Kings County distillery recently released the world’s first and only peated bourbon.  King’s County Peated Bourbon is made from Scottish malted barley which has been exposed to peat smoke. The spirit is aged in oak barrels and the final product is a slightly smoky, scotch-like bourbon. It might be tricky to get your hands on a bottle of this innovative spirit, as there are only 400 bottles of the stuff world wide.