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Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to walk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Sky-High Brews
Wheter you love to fly, or there are fewer things you have more than strapping yourself into a metal death capsule, there’s one thing that always makes your flying experience better: booze. For some reason, tossing back a cold one at 36,00 feet has a certain magic to it. Well, now you can make sure your beer preferences won’t be neglected with Travel Pulse’s new ranking of airlines based on their beer selection. Coming in at number 1 is Delta Air Lines, while the worst is Spirit Airlines.

Own Your Whiskey
Have you been craving a more hands-on experience with your whiskey? But you don’t really know where to start? WELL, Whiskey Lab may be perfect for you. This new, miniature container is not a rapid-aging product, but instead a mimc of the traditional barrel again process. With several different wood options and a bulb feature to let you watch the coloration, we can only begin to imagine the possibilities with this one.

A Pretty Penny
British distiller William Lowe has released a new record breaking spirit by the name of Watenshi Gin, meaning “The Japanese Angel.” It’s not the contents, nor the design that is shattering trophies, no; it’s the price. Coming in at £2000 (just shy of $2200 USD), this gin is the most expensive on the market. Why? Well, Lowe, the owner of the homegrown Cambridge Distillery, reserved 15 mL of evaporated gin from hundreds of batches of his award-winning Japanese Gin to cobble together this elite version. It’s best enjoyed neat in one of the two glasses that come with the purchase.

An Eastern Twist
The vodka known for its beautifully painted bottles has added another variation to its collection: Absolut India. The limited edition mango & pepper flavored vodka acquired its artwork after Absolut crowd sourced designs from artists all over India. Then, artist Shaheen Baig combined them into the stunning final product. No word on if the vodka will be available stateside, but we’d love to get out hands on a bottle.

Don’t Mess With Texas 
The family owned, ready-to-drink cocktail company, Austin Cocktails, has added to their family of drinks. Their two new flavors, Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail and Bergamot Orange Margarita make a total of 5 offerings from the two year old business, co-founded by Jill Burns and Kelly Gasink. The drinks use only 5x distilled vodka and premium tequila to create their yummy dispositions. Cheers!