Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to walk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Captain Morgan, Cannon Blast: The spiced rum giant has bestowed upon us what they’ve dubbed, “an intensely delicious new shot.” Cannon Blast is the latest from Captain Morgan, and it’s definitely caught our eye. With added citrus, chipotle, and jalapeno pepper flavors, it’s fun, it’s energetic, and at 70 proof, you’re welcome to have more than just one. But don’t forget that with every shot, comes the obligatory #boom.

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, Pop Gun Pilsner: This sneaky San Franciscan brewery just added a third beer to its Session 47 Series, and it goes by the name of Pop Gun Pilsner. With hints of honey, this beer made from German Pilsner malt combines its crisp bitter finish with tangerine, spice, and floral notes. Speakeasy recommends pairing it with sushi, mild cheddar cheese, and/or lemon shortbread cookies. Now that’s an interesting combo.

Bird Dog Whiskey, Spiced and Jalapeno Honey: This southern whiskey brand is rolling out the latest additions to its flavorful family this month: spiced and jalapeno honey. At 80 proof, both go down excellently straight up, on the rocks, or integrated into one of Bird Dog’s delicious cocktails. Having expanded from the original blackberry flavor, Bird Dog is a pro at flavored whiskey. But, if you’re hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, just remember the Bird Dog motto: this dog don’t bite!

New Belgium, Pumpkick Ale: With the arrival of fall comes the arrival of Pumpkin beers. With so many to choose from, we’re looking for something different. And that’s where New Belgium’s Pumpkick Ale comes in. Combining all the traditional flavors of pumpkin juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, this ale diverges with the addition of cranberries and the hint of lemongrass. So when you’ve had your fill of #pumpkinmadness, add some cranberries to mix it up.

Guinness Zero: In response to the growing demand for non-alcoholic beer in countries like Indonesia, Guinness has made moves in on the market category. Guinness Zero is a version of the classic stout, maintaining its usual color, creamy head, and famous flavor, but with 0% ABV.  The beer is currently on trial in certain Asian countries, but with some luck, it’ll make its way stateside so that all can indulge in the joy that is Guinness.