Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to walk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Havanista Cuban Rum – Believe it or not, real Cuban rum has not been made available to patrons in the US for the past 53 years because of our embargo on Cuban imports. This week French liquor conglomerate, Pernod Richard, announced their plan to distribute their famous Havana Club Cuban rum through the states. Lobbyists are optimistic that the Cuban trade embargo will be lifted before the 2016 presidential election, so it seems we will have to wait just a little longer to mix up a truly traditional mojito! However, as soon as the ban is lifted Pernod Richard will be there ready to introduce Havanista Cuban rum to our newbie taste buds.

Wayward Whiskey Rye – Rye is starting to make a comeback with the whisky boom taking America by storm, and Venus spirits over in Santa Cruz, CA is gearing up to launch its second style of Wayward Whiskey. This rye whiskey is crafted from start to finish on the golden coast and distillers have worked to enhance the aging process by exposing the barrels to the Bay Area’s costal conditions while they aged for seven months. Coming in at 92 proof, we’re thinking this whiskey will really embrace the flavor of the West coast.

Admiral Nelson Black Patch Rum – A frat party favorite is switching things up for the next generation of party goers on a budget. Admiral Nelson announced back in March that they are planning to introduce their fans to the dark side with Black Patch Premium Black Spiced Rum. The rum is filtered through a unique process using America White Oak, which is said to give the finished product a robust flavor. Next week, the 94 proof rum will be available at a price point that won’t break the bank, snag a 750ml bottle for only $10.99!

US*1 Barrel Strength Rye – Michter’s Distillery is stepping out of the box and it releasing it’s first batch of Barrel Strength Rye. This batch is unique considering that it is bottled straight from the barrel at a much higher proof, opposed to the 84.8 proof level of their standard Single Barrel Rye. With the highest proof barrel coming in at 113, distillers believe it yields a richer and smoother whiskey. This strong whiskey doesn’t come cheap; a limited amount will be released out of Kentucky in 750 ml bottles for $75.