Gorilla-in-a-car We’ve all heard about the crazy laws that somehow manage to fly under the radar. Like how it’s illegal for gorillas to ride in the back seats of cars in Massachusetts. Or how it’s illegal to wear slippers after 10 pm in New York. Well, one such law exists in New Hampshire, and it’s posing some problems for visitors from Washington D.C. Apparently, the law regulating the sale of alcohol in NH names a driver’s license as a valid form of ID from “any of the 50 states.” But, what the fine lawmakers of the Granite State forgot was that the District of Columbia is just that—a district. A territory if you will. But it is not one of the 50 states.

After a 25 year old D.C. resident was denied at a liquor store counter, this oversight came into clear vision. NH officials are working to fix this little hiccup, but in the meantime, DC-ers should plan on carrying their passports with them if they’re in the market for some tax-free booze.

Continuing on with another silly law, just yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that lowers the alcohol tasting age in California to 18. Now, as long as students are a part of a wine-making or beer-brewing course, they are allowed to taste their product. But there’s one catch: they have to spit it out after. Gag. California is the 13th state to pass this kind of bill, and while it’s better than nothing for the youngsters of California, we’re thinking that regurgitated beer won’t be the prettiest sight.