Here at Drinking in America, booze is an essential nutrient group– making it close to the top of our “very balanced” food pyramid. Alcohol is no vegetable, but we like to consider it a nutrient for the soul. Hows that for justification? As we try to keep a little booze in the system fairly regularly, we’ve found more ways than one to do just that. While you can’t expect a strong buzz off booze infused foods, you can satisfy that little tick of yours with these spiked foods!

Ice Cream:
On days your looking for a little extra comfort, Its only natural to look to ice cream or wine– or both. Well, here is proof there are geniuses amongst us. Companies like Tipsy Scoop, Mercer’s Ice Cream, and Sweet Action Ice Cream have begun to make wine, beer and other cocktail infused ice cream. Go for Mercer’s if you’re into wine, Sweet Action for beer ice cream, or Tipsy’s if your feeling something a little stronger– whiskey, rum, or vodka.

Jammit Jam:
Jammit Jam is soon to be your new favorite fruit spread for a libatious morning meal or a day time snack. The jam is a blend of whole fruit, sugar cane, and a splash of the good stuff– liquor, wine, or even bubbly.  With flavors like Apple Cinnamon Bourbon and Peach Thyme Prosecco, you can have a cocktail with every meal.

Absinthe Chocolates:
Nunu Chocolates is probably just about the best thing to ever happen to chocolate. When you don’t think your chocolate craving can get any stronger, infuse a little booze into it and then see how you feel. The options might be overwhelming, but don’t worry, an assortment box can get you a little taste of everything. Booze like Absinthe, Moonshine, Sake, Mezcal-Chili, Amarula, Prosecco and Beer are poured right into the ganache itself for a smooth blend.

Wine Nuts:
Wine Nuts, a company growing off the idea Sandi Ford stumbled upon when trying to come up with a not so salty snack, marinates nuts in booze before roasting. In the companies beginnings, it focused on flavors of Merlot and Chardonnay, but to our excitement, the line now includes Margarita Mix Wine Nuts, Choco-late Wine Nuts, and Lemoncella Wine Nuts. Prepare to go a little nutty– pun intended.

JB’s Best:
If you’re a salsa or bbq person, we probably aren’t wrong to guess you are comfortable with the strong flavors of dark liquor or tequila. Those tastes buds of yours like the heat. Put those two loves of yours together and you have JB’s Best. Out of Athens, Ohio this company combines the fire of salsa and bbq flavors with tequila and ale for a zing.