Believe it or not some celebrities are just like us, well at least when it comes to their drink of choice. We’ve done a little research to uncover which cocktails, liquors and booze our favorite celebs prefer, or preferred while still living, in their glamorous glasses.

Whiskey: Frank Sinatra referred to Jack Daniels as the nectar of the gods, and was even buried with a bottle of Old No.7. On countless occasions, Swoonatra was known to throw more than a few back before, after and during a performance. We can only hope that bottle made it up there with him!

Tequila: Two powerhouse ladies have shamelessly admitted to loving Mexico’s signature beverage. Both Queen Bey and Jennifer Aniston reportedly enjoy a well-made Margarita, whether they’re celebrating the wrap of a film or the end of another world tour.

Bourbon: Captain Jack Sparrow may have preferred a swig of rum, however Johnny Depp is known for fancying a Bourbon Sour when he’s out on the town. Considering he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, we’re sure he typically swings for top shelf bourbon.

Champagne: Marilyn Monroe always reached for a little bubbly, a bottle of Don Perignon to be exact. She never failed to keep it classy, because every day is a special occasion when you’re the blonde bombshell of the 1950s. Jay-Z is  is also a fan of bubbly, however he prefers the more modern Armand de Brignac, when with his clique in the club.

Beer: Stephen King has openly admitted to being intoxicated while writing most of his work in the 1980s. Surprisingly enough, his horror stories weren’t fueled by some trippy Absinthe cocktail, but instead by a few brewskis, well maybe more than a few.