We’re all about getting what we want as fast as possible and with minimal effort. It seems like food delivery has been around forever but something else might be showing up at your doorstep soon. Booze.


But, not so fast. Naturally, alcohol delivery is heavily regulated and currently only permitted in 18 states leaving most of us SOL. Many states prohibit the delivery of alcohol for fear that the booze might end up in the hands of the wrong (underage) person. Yet defenders of the home delivery business claim that with proper driver training and I.D. check upon delivery, it can easily be controlled and effectively instituted. Among the states that do allow you to order your booze, many place a strict limit on the amount you can buy and the transportation vehicle must be clearly marked.


In L.A., liquor delivery has no restrictions and has become a booming business. Oh, California living. Companies like Pink Dot have built their businesses around people’s desire to have their favorite booze brought right to their doorsteps. Twenty-five full-time employees drive around pink VW Bugs to guarantee to have your order at your door within thirty minutes.


Our favorite part: a lot of these companies carry rare products that your local liquor stores may not have. We recommend it for craft beer and rare wine lovers. We’d love to see home booze delivery in every state. A few silly laws shouldn’t keep us from alcohol bliss.


Have you ever ordered your alcohol for delivery? Should this be legal nationwide?