Ah yes, the Super Bowl, good for so many reasons…football, snacks, beer and of course, ads. Every year there is much hype around Super Bowl ads. (This is probably the only time people ever really care about advertising.) And every year, there are crowd pleasers and there are flops. I’m here to survey this year’s showing in alcohol-related advertisements. Overall, sort of a yawn.

The pickings were slim, but here’s one from Bud Light that gave me a chuckle, one from Bud Light that almost made me change the channel and one from Stella Artois that made me want to punch the television. Also, here are two more that I found to be plain old forgettable. Welp, that was pretty much it, folks. What do you think? Did you have a favorite?

[youtube WLtkyTn0rwI nolink]

[youtube jvYJSOdCsf0 nolink]

[youtube TwGOpherbNc nolink]