Not sure about you but we rarely hear (or say), “No, we don’t want an ice luge at our party.”


Thanks to Team Boozluge, it’s now easier than ever to obtain one:


What inspired you to start boozluge?

The inspiration for the Boozluge came form our love of partying.  Coming from a small rural town in OH we were always looking for ways to take the party experience to the next level.


Only $19.99, that’s a steal! How long will the boozluge last, is it pretty durable? You know, for those who “go hard”

The plastic mold is extremely durable and made out of an FDA approved plastic.  The luge itself is ice, so there are a lot of environmental factors that can come into play.  We recommend freezing multiple blocks of ice throughout the week if you are planning a party so if one melts you have another one ready to keep the party going.


What’s your favorite shot/drink to luge?

We like to flavor the ice – typically we will fill the mold with either cranberry juice or lemonade then freeze it.  So what you end up with is a frozen cranberry or lemonade luge.  Needless to say vodka tastes amazing when it is ice cold and mixes with cranberry or lemonade as it runs down the luge.  Another favorite of ours is your typical jager or cherry bomb.


How long from the pour to your lips?

Avg is about 5 seconds, which is just enough time to really chill the liquor before it hits your lips!


Freeze Today Party Tomorrow.