1492016187014The DIA team is a group of cocktail fanatics. We strive to try ’em all. We even attempt to make some of the concoctions ourselves (which 75% of the time ends up as a giant fail). We kept thinking- there has to be an easier way to make great, high-end cocktails at home without having to run all over town getting odd ingredients and following crazy, complicated instructions.

Then we were introduced to Bootblack Brand’s cocktail syrups. And things were never the same.

A little brand background for you: “Bootblack was born while sitting on a barstool with friends frustrated by the lack in quality of their cocktails. Built on the premise they do not eat or drink anything inferior, they started experimenting with classic flavor profiles with a twist using fresh produce, herbs and spices. Now you can create modern interpretations of classic cocktails & unique sodas with their complex syrups and your favorite alcohol or seltzer. Whether entertaining a large group, a few close friends or having a quiet evening, end your day with Bootblack.”

Owner, Paul Kubiski, was not messing around. He packed big flavor into these small batch cocktail syrups. They come is sleek bottles with vibrant and crafty labels. Each flavor also comes with a recommend cocktail recipe to try. You don’t even have to add booze to enjoy these mixers, simply mix the syrup with some seltzer and you have a delicious virgin cocktail. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that, kids. Check out the flavors we tried (and loved) below:

FullSizeRenderClassic Citrus Tonic

Take your boring old Gin and Tonic to the next level. The citrus aroma is accompanied with the perfect balance of a subtlety sweet and fruit packed flavor. This refreshing cocktail is so easy to make. All you need is Bootblack Classic Citrus Tonic, seltzer, lime and your choice of liquor (gin is recommended). This tangy yet smooth drink will make plain Gin and Tonics a thing of the past.

FullSizeRender-2Ginger Cardamom Lime

Have you ever ordered a Moscow Mule at a bar? It can get pretty pricey. Have you ever tried to make one at home? Making sure you get the right ginger beer to pair with your vodka can be tiring. Well Bootblack Brand has something easier, and probably more delicious than what you’re whipping up in your kitchen. No more pricey bar tabs or measuring ingredients. The Ginger Cardamom Lime cocktail syrup is the perfect mix of ginger and lime, with a hint of cardamom. Add seltzer and a splash of vodka and you have the perfect bittersweet Moscow Mule. No lie guys, this was better than most Moscow Mules we’ve ever had.

4684a4174369cfb46bf1fb63bff75487-BBCJLwCocktailCropCranberry Jalapeño Lime

For those looking for an extra punch in their margaritas, look no further. The Cranberry Jalapeño Lime pairs perfectly with tequila. This sweet and spicy cocktail infuses flavors of cranberry to create a tingly yet smooth finish. We honestly haven’t tasted anything like it. This is definitely for drinkers who prefer delicious cocktails that are a little out-of-the-box.


Where to find Bootblack Brand cocktail syrups:

In Massachusetts:
The Boston Shaker, Lee’s, and The Cheese Shop of Salem. Once a month you can find them at these Farmers Markets: Roslindale, Union Square and SOWA.

In Providence, RI:
Retail: Bottles, Campus, Nikki’s, StockPVD, Olive Del Mondo, Grapes and Grains, Brickyard, Patriot, Pantry at Avenue N, Tom’s Market, Provender, Dave’s Market, Belmont Market, and Savory Grape.
In bars/restaurants: The Eddy, Rogue Island, New Harvest, Sons of Liberty, Federal Hill Pizza, JackieBoy and Revival.

Let us know what concoctions you come with up using these complex cocktail and soda syrups! And be sure to check out Bootblack Brand on Facebook and Instagram (@bootblack_brand).