BlueHawaiianIt’s making its way into cocktails, appearing on bar shelves and adding a sweet touch to the drinking world. But this blue ingredient isn’t something new, it’s an old classic we thought we’d put to bed: blue Curacao.


If you’ve ever ordered a Blue Hawaiian or any blue hued cocktail, you know just what this liqueur tastes like. Its signature orange flavor comes from the lahara citrus fruit from the island of, you guessed it, Curacao. Most interesting: Curacao liqueur is actually naturally colorless but blue dye is typically added. Thus, the name.


The orange liqueur had its moment back in the 80s when Blue Hawaiians were on cocktail menus everywhere. Everyone drank a little too much Curacao and it became the laughing stock of the cocktail world. We can’t remember the last time we ordered it but that might soon change.


Blue Curacao is having a moment and making moves back into our bars. The craft cocktail surge has opened up opportunities for blue Curacao to be the sweet citrus hint rather than a joke of an ingredient. Lately, bartenders have been pairing it with tequila, gin and vodka to make delicious concoctions. We suggest ordering it the next time you’re out.