Imagine turning the corner to a Bloody Mary truck waiting with your free morning cocktail.   Seems too good to be true but believe it because Stoli is making it happen.

Last week, Stolichnaya Premium Vodka kicked off their Stoli Bloody Mary tour. A customized Stoli food truck will travel to twelve (very lucky) U.S. cities to discover how people around the country are putting a spin on the Bloody Mary. The first city on the list, Miami, drinks their classic brunch beverage Caprese style with a little basil and mozzarella. We’re excited to see what the other cities come up with.

On the drive the Bloody Mary truck will make pit stops in the twelve cities at local bars and restaurants. Search for the vodka brand to show them how you make your Bloody Mary and get to try out the brunch beverage any way you can imagine.

How do you drink your Bloody Mary? Find the Stoli truck to drink up.