beer and bike tours

For drinking enthusiasts who are also exercise enthusiasts, kicking back with a few brews can seem a little… counterproductive. Luckily for you and your waistline, the basic brewery tour has been getting a bit of a fitness makeover with the addition of bicycles.


Bike and beer tours are popping up across the country and they have been developed to cater to all different levels of bikers. Some are perfect for novice riders, while others are a lot more intense. A great starter tour for anyone is through Routes Bicycle Rentals and Tours in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here’s how all the details break down:


  • $45 per person if you need a bike rental, or $35 per person if you bring your own bike.
  • Tours are the third Sunday of every month from 1PM-4:30PM
  • Cost includes a bicycle rental, helmet, VIP brewery experience including beer sampling at each brewery, collectible gifts, bottled water and appetizers.
  • A vehicle follows riders the whole way in case anyone becomes too impaired to bike – though the tastings are small and spread out with plenty of water in between, so no one has ever had to give up their biking privileges. The vehicle is also convenient for holding any growlers, 6-packs or gifts that people purchase along the way.
  • The tour covers about 10 to 15 miles and there are three to four tastings at each brewery (4oz each).


If you like a little variety in your life, Beer and Bike Tours out of Colorado offers a ton of different tour options. The tours they offer range from day trips to multiple week adventures and take place in anywhere from Colorado, to South Carolina, to Vermont…and even all the way to Japan, Germany or Holland.  They’ll even design a beer/bike tour around your personal preferences, so if you have a big birthday coming up or want to celebrate a milestone, this could be an awesome alternative to the usual dinner and drinks.